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ORIGINAL                                                       $3.25

Blueberry Lemon                     Ginger Peach

Double Chocolate                   Ginger Lemon

Raspberries & Cream              Mocha Chip

Raspberry Choc Chip              Coconut Chip

Apple Cinnamon                     Maple Pecan    Strawberry & Cream                Vanilla

Almond                                    Cherry Almond

Cherry Chocolate Chip           Carrot Cake

Cranberry Orange                  Pumpkin

Pineapple Coconut Cream    Gingerbread

Double Choc Almond            Peaches & Cream

Caramel Choc Pecan             Raspberry Peach

Cinnamon Chip                      Caramel Apple

SAVORY                              $4.25

Cheddar Bacon                      Cheddar Dill

Jalapeno Cheddar                 Cheddar Chive

         Feta, Spinach & Sun-dried Tomato

GLUTEN FREE                    $4.25

We can make every flavor in Gluten Free.


The Fresh Baked Scones Trailer is essentially a metal box. :) That said, if the temperature exceeds 80 degrees by 9 am or there are thunder and lightning storms, we will not be open. If you know the weather looks tricky and
you need your scone fix, call us. 207-323-0249.
We will take care of you! 

Open Tuesday Thru Saturday

8 am - 11 am(Unless we sell out)

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