Can You Tell the Difference?

It has been my personal quest to create a gluten free scone that is indiscernible from our original recipe. No grit. No after taste. No crumbling all over your plate.

My children grew up with sticky dough covered fingers. They baked alongside me at first, then became accomplished on their own. My eldest daughter can make a scratch chocolate cake that will leave you in tears. My youngest daughter decided buttery crispy shortbread would be her specialty. My son sends me pictures of food that he makes every day. One of my favorite ways to communicate with him!

In their early teens, both of my girls became gluten intolerant. This affected their diet, but, more importantly, our entire relationship! We baked together. We baked to celebrate. We baked to entertain. We baked on snow days. This was our jam! My eldest daughter quickly figured out the important items; gf pizza dough, gf pancakes, gf pumpkin muffins. However, none of it got her as excited to bake as that chocolate cake she is known for.

Fast forward to the opening of The Scone Goddess last year. After many attempts, I created a light delicious blend of multiple flours and starches. We had a winner! This is the blend we use for all of our household baking. We now make every single scone flavor in both gluten free and original as well. No more sad faces when I make scones. They are yummy for all!

So, the question is; Can you tell the difference? There are two pictures of Blueberry Lemon Scones. Which one is gluten free?

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