Maine Memories

Seriously. You LOVE Maine. It is a beautiful haven that balances your world. From the rocky cliffs to the sandy beaches. Tip the rocks and see the star fish. Climb the mountains for that perfect view of a harbor sunset. It is awe inspiring and never fails to create joy in your heart.

And The Food!!

You daydream about lobster dipped in butter, served on a delicate roll, in a chowder, on a plate, next to a hand cut steak with wild Maine blueberry pie, or whoopee pies, or Giffords ice cream as dessert. Bixby Chocolates, Ragged Coast Chocolates, Moonbat Bakery, Please tell me they still have almond croissants when I get there! The list just goes on an on.

Maine is that sweet place that nourishes your mind, body and soul. You crave it.

The only thing that could make Maine better than it already is is finding all of your favorite things at your fingertips. Maine producers understand this. We know you want to take home as much of Maine as you can. From the sunshine in your soul to the scone mix in your luggage, these memories make you relish your adventure in Maine months after it has ended.

And so, The Scone Goddess has partnered with The Coffee Hound Coffee Co and provided you with the perfect Maine getaway. At home. Re-live the memories over perfect scones topped with oak barrel bourbon aged maple syrup made into a buttered maple glaze and oak barrel bourbon aged coffee; the smoothest cup of coffee you will ever have.

Can you hear the crash of the waves? Can you see the sunrise? Maine lives in your heart.

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