It was an early alarm for today's adventure! Up at 2 am to bake some delicious scones for the team at WABI. Then off we went with our Fresh Baked Scones Trailer! We are so grateful to WABI Channel 5 for the invitation to be on their morning news program today.

Joy, Todd and Angela got the scoop on what happens behind the scenes at a food trailer and just how much we can actually accomplish in such a small space! We brought out the favorites; Wild Maine Blueberry Lemon, Raspberry & Cream, Apple Cinnamon and Savory Bacon Cheddar. It was fun to share with the crew and our neighboring food truck; Sheba's Wicked kitchen. (And, boy, their tacos and sliders were amazing! Especially the Thai Chicken Curry with Mango Salsa!)

Here's a quick snippet from today's adventure:

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