The Secret to Double Chocolate Almond Scones

Double Chocolate Scones are a Scone Goddess top seller. A delicious dark chocolate scone with creamy chocolate chips melted and oozing through the warm tender scone. Sounds good right? Try it hot out of the oven with some ice cream for a delicious dessert. Or, pack one with your coffee for a great start to your day. However you choose to eat it, we promise, it's gonna be yummy! Double Chocolate. Can it get any better?

Funny you ask! We have a real affinity for toasty, crunchy almonds. We make fresh Vanilla Almond Scones, Cherry Almond Scones, and yes, we had to try the Chocolate Almond Scones, too! These were such a hit, it would be a crime not to share how it's done.


Heavy Cream Confectioners Sugar

Almond Paste Vanilla Extract

Sliced Almonds Parchment Paper