The World As We Know It

It has been a difficult, sad, scary journey for so many over the past few months. I am so very grateful to be in Maine! My neighbors looked out for us and we watched over them. Businesses rallied to hang on to their livelihood while they tried in so many ways to continue supporting their customer. I am just so proud of everyone. We are a scrappy bunch!

My hope is that you had a chance to enjoy the little things. We were so lucky to be in the season of growth and new beginnings. My family and I raked and weeded. We made our home cozy and our yard ready to receive the new plants and animals that all came out of hibernation. We made bread- WOW! Did we make a ton of bread! And bagels. And English Muffins. And Cookies. You get the idea. We taught or daughter, and, she taught us so much! I was so excited about the amount of math I still know! The ocean was our best friend, providing us with hours of entertainment watching the water, scouring the beach for treasures and walking and enjoying the fresh ocean air that Maine is so famous for. I hope that you enjoyed these small pleasures with your loved ones.

Saturday, May 16th, The Scone Goddess will finally return to the United Farmers Market of Maine. We just can not wait to see your faces! Yes, we will have masks on, but, I hope that you can still see the smile in my eyes as I greet you, my friend. The World as we know it has changed, but, our appreciation for your friendship remains true. See you Saturday!

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