This Guy is a Scone God!

When asked if my husband is a Scone God, being that he is married to The Scone Goddess, he will answer, "No, I am just a lucky guy." That is sweet, but, he is so much more!

I am here to tell you first hand that this amazing man, who is more comfortable in front of monitors full of spreadsheets, or a chess board, or, frankly, cleaning up dog excrement, than he is in the kitchen, can make scones! He will be the first to say that he is not a happy guy when confronted with a massive oven and a cookbook. Just so that we are clear here; I am not throwing this amazing man under the bus. He cooks amazing meatloaf. He is the scrambled egg king, and his home made Mac and cheese is delicious!

Last weekend I awoke before my alarm sounded and reached up to shut it off so that I would not awaken my sweet man at that horrific early hour. Unfortunately, I missed the alarm and threw a huge tumbler of water at him instead! Adding insult to injury is one of my favorite ingredients I suppose, as my next comment to him was, "I need you to become a Scone God this morning." Clearly I am not winning Wife of the Year this year!

Jason washed his hands and summoned the baking Gods (erm,!) to guide him in his scone making endeavor. Mix. Cut. Bake. Smile! Yeah. My mixes are so simple that a discombobulated actuary dragged from a deep sleep by threat of drowning can make them. Before coffee!!

Allow me to present my darling Scone God of a husband, Jason! Next steps for this Maine Scone God; Gluten Free Scone Mixes!

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