We Made The List

There are so many lists;

Oprah's list of Favorite Things

The Best of the Best

Tripadvisors 15 things to do

Top 25 places to eat

Honeydo list

Laundry list

This list.......So which list are we so thrilled about? Let me share the story:

August 1st of 2019 The Scone Goddess opened for business. We offered fresh baked scones at the local farmers market. We soon had to pivot to online sales of our premium scone mixes in order to survive the pandemic. We made so many virtual new friends and introduced our deliciously simple method of making scones across the US.

This May, we opened our Fresh Baked Scones Trailer in hopes of capturing the hearts of new scone lovers with our 40 flavors of fresh baked original and gluten free scones. The trailer is small and literally gets moved by the wind caused by speeding tractor trailer trucks. Speaking with our guests is sometimes impossible and has been known to dissolve into a game of charades as we compete with the traffic noise and try to understand each order over the noise.

Yet, you keep coming back.

And, you tell your friends about The Scone Goddess.