Keeping You Our First Priority

Keeping You Our First Priority

We miss seeing you Saturday's at The Farmer's Market or when you grab your cup of coffee on the way to work. However, we are dedicated to you. Right now that means staying put for a little while so that we can all help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Please enjoy free shipping when you purchase any 4 scone mixes. The Scone Goddess is just a little company with a big heart. Our hope is that maybe you will share a bag, or, make a memory with your child while they are home during this time.

Scones are not a priority right now. However, they can provide an opportunity to make some great memories. From our family to yours, be well!


*Please place your order online and use coupon code BEWELL. The price of shipping ($8) will be removed from orders larger than 4 scone mixes.