Can I use milk or vegan creamers?

Our vegan friends, we have you covered! Go ahead and use cashew or coconut cream in your scone mixes. The viscosity is different than the heavy cream we recommend so add 1 cup of liquid at first and more if needed.

Milk? C'mon, you wanted a premium delicious scone. You don't really want to use milk. :) You can dilute your heavy cream with 1/4 cup milk, but you will not need the entire 1 1/4 cups.

How do I store the scone mixes?

The Scone Goddess premium scone mixes are shelf stable. Please keep them in a cool, dry environment for the longest shelf life. The best by date is stamped across the top of the bags. 

How big do I make the disk prior to cutting it?

We prefer a 6 inch disc cut into 8 triangles for that nice tall scone. But, if you like them flat and crunchy, we won't judge. Measure with your heart!

Just make sure to separate them before baking.

How can I become a Scone Goddess?

You are off to a great start making our premium scone mixes in your home. However, did you know we are offering Scone Goddess Licenses? Add The Scone Goddess Premium Scones to your existing coffee shop or cafe. Get on our waiting list now!

Can I buy Fresh Scones in Northport, ME?

You sure can! If you are lucky enough to live or vacation in Mid-Coast Maine, you can stop on in or call us to place an order. You can also order online here! We are Northport, Maine's best kept secret!

Phone: 207-505-0004

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 7:30am - noon

*Order the day before for next day pick up between 7:30am and noon.

How do you make your almond scones? 

You can check out our blog for lots of fun recipes using The Scone Goddess premium scone mixes