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Premium scone mixes


Original Premium Scone Mixes


The Scone Goddess creates premium scone mixes that taste bakery fresh right out of your oven!

Just add cream for a deliciously simple breakfast or treat.


Our Story

Becoming The Scone Goddess

Years ago I owned a Bed & Breakfast where I created delicious breakfasts for my guests. Each morning started with fresh coffee and warm scones to nibble while they awaited the full meal. Guests begged me for my recipe and shared images on social media of the "best scones they have ever eaten."


After my move to Midcoast Maine, I realized that I had an opportunity to be self employed and do what I love most; Bake! I offered fresh baked scones as well as a few of my original scone mixes at the farmers market each week. My products were a success!


Not long after, my daughters were diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. We had always enjoyed baking together as they were growing up. I had to create a gluten free scone recipe that excited them and made them feel like they were getting a real treat.

They loved my new scone recipe!


After perfecting the gluten free scone, followed by a consistently delicious scone mix, I knew that I was really on to something. No one offers a scone mix that has everything you need to make a premium quality scone in just 20 minutes, with only the addition of cream.


 "It's not about how great we make scones. It's about how easy we made it for YOU to make great scones!"


- Veronica Stubbs, The Scone Goddess



"It's not about how great we make scones. It's about how easy we made it for YOU to make great scones." 

-Veronica Stubbs, The Scone Goddess



Gluten Free gets a bad rap. We are here to change that! All of the delicious flavors offered in our original premium scone mixes have been re-created in our premium gluten free scone mixes. Gluten Free just got really good!