Running A Company with My Daughter Riah

Riah- A Scone Goddess

She reaches into the case and fills a box with warm scones while twisting backward to answer the phone and shut off the espresso machine, so as not to lose a drop of that delicious morning elixir, all while smiling and asking if you have a loyalty card and have you tried our premium scone mixes?

When asked if she is The Goddess, Riah grins and says, "Yes!"  

This child of mine should be revered. She is the pinch hitter when someone calls out sick, or when one of our regulars stop by and completely wipe us out of fresh scones. She whips up a batch of tender, fluffy, perfectly crisp scones just as quickly and deliciously as I do. I dare you to come into The Scone Goddess Shop with twenty of your friends. Somehow she remembers your name and your favorite scone. The espresso machine hums as she makes your drinks. She weaves a magical spell over you until you feel almost honored to wait for ten minutes while she works her magic under the pressure of a crowd. 

So, in my mind and heart, Riah is The Goddess. Today, I am happy to just be a proud Mom who has the ultimate privilege of working with such a great daughter.