In the early hours of the morning with the smells of baking scones filling my heart full, I am so grateful for the love and support of my community, as I turn a passion for baking into a labor of love in building The Scone Goddess.

When you think about business owners, you hopefully think about what a positive impact they have on the community. They are a source for unique products or great service. A gathering place. A place to find work. Maybe even a mentor to learn from to help build your own dream.

The Scone Goddess is committed to being a sustaining member of our community. But, what does that mean? Of course, here in Mid Coast Maine, it means we want to be a place people look forward to going; to grab premium scone mixes and fresh baked scones, have conversations and even start your own career! More than that, we want to support ideas and organizations that continue to foster community.

With the internet, we realize that community has an entirely different definition than it did 25 years ago. We have friends across the country that we look forward to hearing from. We are connected via social media, email and zoom in a way that allows us to explore the world more than we ever could. We can learn, create and support each other even though we are miles apart.
It is with these connections in mind that I invite you apply for a Scone Goddess Scone Mix fundraiser for an organization that is meaningful to you and your community.

The Scone Goddess offers 12 fundraisers a year to non profit organizations. We will donate $3 of every mix sold through your fundraiser. It is our way to show gratitude to our community; Our new friends.

Please write a letter about your non profit organization and send to Tell us what your organization is all about and why you need help raising funds. We look forward to hearing your story.


Veronica Stubbs, Founder- The Scone Goddess