From Farmers Market to Franchising- Watch Us Grow!

From Farmers Market to Franchising- Watch Us Grow!

August 1st we celebrated two years of The Scone Goddess. We think that is pretty cool! We opened the window of our Fresh Baked Scones Trailer and were delighted by the lines of people waiting for Free Scone Day! Thank you to those that were able to join us, sign our birthday card and share your love of The Scone Goddess. We love seeing you each day, reading your reviews and emails, and enjoying the pictures that you post of your

Scone Goddess Fresh Baked Scones.

Now that we are two, we have some pretty big things happening. First, we are building our permanent home on Route 1 in Northport. If all goes well, we might see you for Christmas! This location will be open year round and we just can not wait!

We now offer others the opportunity to start their own business as a Scone Goddess. You can purchase a license to sell our fresh baked premium scones in a food truck or a cafe. We have done all the hard work creating over 40 flavors of original and gluten free scones. You just add cream to our proprietary mixes and bake. The Scone Goddess Premium Scone Mixes allow you to create bakery fresh quality scones in just minutes. In a world that has been turned on it's ear with this pandemic, you can safely work for yourself, enjoy what you do and make a great living. Contact Vee for more information.

But, really......we know you really want to know about new flavors, right?

Check out this lineup:

*Apple Cinnamon Chip Premium Scone Mix- Ushering in the Fall

*Maple Pecan Premium Scone Mix- Stock up. This flavor has gotten so expensive to make that it might be retiring this year.
*Pumpkin Cinnamon Chip- Yes! A sure sign of Fall.

*Gingerbread- Our warm, spicy welcome to the cold months.

*A Special Holiday Selection to bring back all of the memories of the year. :)

We appreciate your enthusiasm, sharing the scone love and feedback. Thank you!

* The Scone Goddess Crew "It's not about how great we make scones. It's about how easy we made it for YOU to make great scones."