It's Ok to Drop Your Scones On The Floor- Huh?

It's Ok to Drop Your Scones On The Floor- Huh?

I have been wishing that 2020 would end and we could just move on to better times. My dad always said, "Don't wish your life away." I have been thinking about the years end and what 2021 could look like.

Today I found myself rejoicing in the gift that was soon to be mine. I worked hard all year growing my company. Boy, am I tired! I decided in order to put my best foot forward in the new year, I would allow myself some much needed time off. So, as I ran around completing my last fresh scone orders for the year, I was jubilant! I had everything done and ready to box. Then.


Then!! I dropped an entire batch of gorgeous gingerbread scones on the floor! I am now behind schedule and not a happy gal.

Then a light bulb went off!

You, too can be a Scone Goddess in 20 minutes or less! I spent the entire year telling people to just add cream to my delicious scone mixes for amazing scones in just twenty minutes. Can't believe I needed that reminder. The scones are in the oven with 8 minutes left on the timer. It's 8:30 and the last delivery will be made before 9. More importantly, I am reminded that I made this happen. (Yeah, I dropped the scones on the floor. I am not talking about that.) I created this company. With the love and support of my family and my community. New friends have been made along the way and we are thriving.

Now, I don't recommend dropping all your scones on the floor, but, today, that was the mistake I needed to make to learn how very special this year has been. Thank you!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Veronica Stubbs- The Scone Goddess