Scones by Ben & Jerry?

Scones by Ben & Jerry?

The Scone Goddess makes premium scone mixes bursting with fruits, nuts and chocolate.........See where I am going with this? We are like The Ben & Jerry's of the scone world. We believe every scone must contain lots and lots of the good stuff. No need to fight over the "chunks" here. Just like Ben and Jerry packed their ice cream full of chunks, that is how we make our scones.

I spent 23 years in Vermont before making Maine my home. A little Scone Goddess trivia; Before I was a Scone Goddess, I was actually a make-up artist and filmed a show for Epicurious at Jerry Greenfield's house. You can imagine that I, along with the rest of the ice cream lovers of the world, was completely enamored of Ben and Jerry!
Now, what did I learn from this experience? Ben and Jerry are really great guys. The world was their oyster, but, they treated us all like royalty. First lesson: Your customers are the reason for your success. Without them, there is no one to buy your product. So be kind. Listen. Say, "Thank You!" Second Lesson: Never, never never compromise on your product. They could have used less chunks. They could have bought their dairy from whomever they wanted. However, Ben and Jerry kept the Vermont Farmers working. They invested in their state and they never compromised on the quality of their product or their mission. The Scone Goddess will always make the highest quality fresh scones and premium scone mixes with a focus on staying community driven.

Last Lesson: "If it's not fun, why do it?"- Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's

Life is short. Make it fun. Enjoy what you do! I know I do! I love seeing your scone pictures. I love hearing your stories and I just love that you love what The Scone Goddess offers. It tickles me. :)

In summary- Nope! Our scones are NOT by Ben and Jerry. But, we happily subscribe to their philosophy.

'Scone-a be a great day!


Veronica Stubbs- Founder, The Scone Goddess

"It's not about how great we make scones. It's about how easy we made it for YOU to make great scones!" #JustAddCream